I want you all to know that, behind the scenes, I have been preparing for a safe re-opening, following all the recommendations from our public health officials & government agencies.  And now, BreakAway Yoga and the rest of the fitness industry in Baltimore County have been given the “green light” to open back up from our Governor, starting Friday, June 19th at 5pm, with certain restrictions focused on our safety.   


And that IS my top priority – the safety and health of each person that walks in our doors. Students, teachers, friends. Humans.     

Another top priority is to continue offering experiences – not just a yoga or fitness class, but an EXPERIENCE – filled with love, authenticity, professionalism and fun. To assist in those expectations, we are excitedly awaiting updated technology to continue our new online/live streaming platform (a beautiful silver lining through this journey has been all the new souls who have found us from different states and countries) and the teachers and I will be meeting together this weekend to ensure we are aligned and are confident we are ready to welcome you back in this “new life”.    

Therefore, the magic at BreakAway Yoga…IN the studio….IN our beloved “sweat + social sanctuary” …will resume on Wednesday, July 1st.     

This adjustment also allows us to finish up our June class schedule, update for July accordingly, triple check all aspects of the business, ensure new policies are in Mindbody, pricing, registrations etc. 

The current “game plan” to reopen will be in phases.     


· The number of class offerings will stay reduced and will gradually increase with demand.

· We will be updating our live streaming capabilities so we may continue to offer classes on the Zoom platform at the same time as the regularly scheduled “in studio” classes.

·  “In Studio” classes will be limited to 12 participants plus the teacher (this number helps us adhere to 50% capacity with 6 feet apart from others on the middle of their mat).

· Auto Renew monthly and yearly members will be able to book their classes up to a week in advance.

· All other clients (new trial offers, class packages, drop ins) can book 24 hours in advance.

· There will be no “walk ins” during this time. Everyone must sign up/reserve through Mindbody or our website.

· New studio protocol in effect (see below)

· Aerial yoga classes will be temporarily suspended. (no pun intended) 


· Class schedule will be expanded to meet demand.

· Class size will increase slightly as COVID threat decreases.

· Class registration opens up for everyone.

· Aerial yoga comes back.



Safety Protocols & Procedures:


If you exhibit flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath or breathing difficulties or a rise in temperature, please stay home! Keep our community safe. If you have been in contact with someone with COVID-19, please remain quarantined. Notify us at once if you have been in contact with anyone that has COVID-19 and you have been to the studio. 


Our efforts to keep our studio germ free include cleaning and sanitizing countertops, door handles, bathroom fixtures, floors, and often-touched areas throughout the day.  Several times a week, a complete deep clean will be completed in the studio, lobby and bathroom.


Hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and Barbicide spray will be available throughout the studio.  Visit https://barbicide.com/covid-19/ for more information on Barbicide and its effectiveness on germs and COVID-19. Teachers will kindly remind you to wipe or spray down equipment/props you decide to use while in our space. Staying safe and healthy will be a team effort so we thank you in advance for your partnership in this!


We encourage you to use our restroom to wash your hands before and after class. 


Students will be REQUIRED to sign up for class via the Mindbody app or through the website prior to arriving at the studio. All payments are to be processed online thru Mindbody prior to arriving. This is to protect the students as well as the staff when processing check ins. No “walk ins” will be permitted at this time. All guests will need to pre-register.  If you have any issues with signing up online, feel free to email us (info@breakawayyogastudio.com) or give us a call at 410.513.7487 and we will help you troubleshoot through any difficulties.


Per the state of Maryland’s COVID directive, classes will be sized to 50% capacity and 6 feet apart which for our spaces, limits us to 12 students per class. If you register for the class and then cannot make it, please go back in and cancel. We will not be charging a late fee for late cancels. If you do not feel well, we do not want to penalize you. Any no shows will be charged $15 for non-cancellations. 


We ask that you arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to the start of class (this will allow for ample time for the previous class to transition out/and the studio to be ready for new students). Please know you may be asked to wait in your car at times to help with this initiative. Temperature checks will be performed as the teacher greets you individually in the lobby. Anyone who’s temperature reads at or above 100.4 degrees will not be able to attend the class. All students (new, current and previous) will be asked to resign our liability waiver and new COVID waiver. Please travel light and only bring your “yoga essentials” to class. We will still have our cubbies available in the lobby to stow some belongings but highly encourage you to lock up whatever you do not need in your vehicle during the class.


Per Governor Hogan’s best practices for fitness centers to reopen (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CXRw_ERNJoKxzdj-am1R0Xn5wf_Hf3Q5/view), we ask that you wear a face covering when entering or exiting the studio, when moving through the space and when interacting with teachers and other students in the lobby, All teachers will be required to wear a mask as they are checking people in before the start of class. When they arrive in their designated spot at the front of the studio, the teacher will then take it off to lead the class. After the class is over, they will put their mask back on and head to the lobby. We invite you to do the same. Once you arrive on your mat in your designated spot for your mat, you are welcome to remove your mask. We understand many people feel more comfortable wearing a mask in public so we will also leave that to your discretion. Please also note that Governor Hogan’s best practices for fitness centers states that although wearing a face covering is highly suggested during exercise, it is only if you can do so safely as lack of oxygen or hyperventilation may occur.


Safe distancing practices have been put into place and our floors are marked off to help students place their mats 6 feet apart from one another. Additional information regarding our “hot” offerings – they will not be added back at this time (in our “phase 1”) and therefore, no cold towels. 


Teachers will be teaching in a designated area by our beautiful Buddha mural (the front of the studio). There will also be no “savasana love” (adjustments or any assists in general) until further notice.


You may bring your own props and equipment to the studio for your practice/class to help decrease the spread of germs. We will also have limited equipment/props available if you choose to use them. Teachers will kindly ask you before and after class to sanitize the items you choose to use with Barbicide spray or disinfectant wipes.  We are in this together! Your cooperation is needed and greatly appreciated.


Before reopening the physical space on Wednesday, July 1st, we will be updating our business model when it comes to pricing. We are continuing to grow in our live streaming presentation (what a journey it has been), so there will be one final adjustment to our drop ins and class packages. This has been a financially difficult time for the studio and when we closed, we quickly shifted to an online/virtual territory none of us knew confidently how to maneuver. But we did. And we are continuing to do so. But with that, has come extra expenses. There will be a separate email later this week or next that will announce our new drop in prices, class packages and even an updated New Client Offer! Also, since Aerial Yoga will not be returning (just yet), all of those who currently have a Mat and Aerial Monthly Auto Renew Plan will be switched over to our Mat Only Monthly Plan ($89.00 a month) starting in the month of July (a confirmation email will be send to each Mat and Aerial monthly Auto Renew members as well).    

Thank you in advance for your patience as we navigate this new territory. We are incredibly excited to see you walk through our doors once again! 

Much love,

Jennifer + the teachers, your friends, at BreakAway Yoga