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To our beloved community -


To those who have been walking through our doors for over 6 YEARS now.


To those who have just found their way to us and have begun a journey with themselves on a yoga mat.


To those whose faces we haven’t yet met but who are starting to feel a calling to “BreakAway” with us…


I have been dreading this moment. 


But it is time that I share with this community - that I love so dearly - some tough news.


BreakAway Yoga Studio will be closing its doors on Saturday, December 30th (this will be the last day for classes). This difficult decision has been made due to issues with the property management’s neglect of the building that caused damages to our suite and the concern that these damages could affect the safety of our clients and staff.

Although this announcement of our closure comes 1 month to the day that we will say goodbye to our 4 walls, the actual backstory that led to this decision dates back into the summer and these last 5 months have been the most challenging time for me as a small business owner (and that’s saying a lot with COVID)! After months of “practicing what I preach” on a yoga mat, OFF the mat (and in this situation), in regard to challenges and cultivating grittiness, resilience and perseverance, I am noticing it may now be best to practice the art of “letting go” and recognizing the strength and opportunity in grace and surrender.


So, what does this mean for BreakAway Yoga?


Well, the truth is…I don’t know.


This has been an extremely taxing time for myself and the business and unfortunately, moving into another location was nowhere in my immediate plans (nor in the budget). I just know that for the next 4 weeks, there is opportunity to “soften” a bit and see where the road leads while focusing on appreciating these final moments together before surrendering   our gorgeous space.


I also know that more than ever, WE NEED YOU.


This space was FOR YOU!


So, please continue to show up for yourself and for classes! I know I can speak for all the teachers at BreakAway Yoga by saying your continued support has gotten us through other challenging times (i.e., the uncertainty of Covid) and it would mean so much if we could continue to share this space with you until our very last day. Be on the lookout for an email to be sent soon sharing all of our final events that will be held at the studio, including our last Yin + Sound Healing Experience with Jennifer + Kathleen (12/9), our monthly Kids Aerial Yoga class with Angela (12/16) and one final Live DJ FriYAY Flow with DJ Rampage (TBD)!


Also, this will be the last weekend we will offer our 30 Day New Client Trial for $69 (with the expiration date of 12/30/23). So, this is your (last) sign and opportunity for those who may have been “dragging their feet” on this offer. After this weekend, we will be making other changes to our current pricing structure to reflect our upcoming closure - including all drop ins $20 (our special CommUNITY Drop In rate) and a special “2 week ALL ACCESS PASS” to include ALL of our classes AND events (like the ones noted earlier). More info. to come.


Lastly, for those who will be attending our Friendsgiving/Potluck Gathering tomorrow night at 5pm event, I look forward to seeing you and am happy to answer any questions you may have. Can’t make it to tomorrow’s event but still have questions? Just reply to this email.


And for anyone who just feels a bit of heartache from hearing this news, I am also still trying to come to terms with this “shift” in life and are here to share in those tears as well.


They say every “new beginning comes from some other beginnings end”.  Now, let’s practice that together and stay in the moment to enjoy these final moments together in the physical space that birthed “BreakAway Yoga Studio” into existence, while we continue to hold space for whatever new beginning is about to unfold.


See you soon.


With love, gratitude, and humility,



BreakAway Yoga Studio Owner/Founder

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